All scout groups have similar roles that need to be fulfilled by adult volunteers. Details about these roles are given below along with a number of additional roles which are specific to our Group. If you can give a few hours a month to help the group, please Contact Us

Group Scout Leader (Ruth Coates)

Manage and support the Scout Group and its Leaders to ensure it runs effectively.

Full Group Scout Leader role description.

Section Leader

Manage and lead the operation of the section, planning and delivering an appropriate programme of activities.

Full Section Leader role description.

Assistant Section Leader

Support the operation of the section, helping the Section Leader in planning and delivering an appropriate programme of activities.

Full Assistant Section Leader role description.

Section Assistant

Assist the Section Leader and Assistant Section Leader in delivering the programme.

Full Section Assistant role description.

Group Chairman ()

Leads the Executive Committee and works closely with the Group Scout Leader.

Full Group Chairman role description.

Group Secretary ()

Supports the Chair of the Executive Committee to ensure the smooth functioning and sound administration of the Scout Group.

Full Group Secretary role description.

Group Treasurer (Roger Coates)

Provides sound financial administration, support and information to the Executive Committee and Group.

Full Group Treasurer role description.

Executive Committee (vacancies)

Committee members contribute to the running of the Group by providing administrative support, strategic direction, compliance with relevant legislation and completion of the duties.

Full Executive Committee member role description and advice on becoming a committee member.

Quartermaster (vacant)

Maintain an inventory of Group equipment and record any equipment in and out. Ensure stores are kept tidy and report any issues, repairs or purchase requirements to the Executive Committee.

Website and social media communications (Max)

Maintain the Group website and social media pages.

Grant applications (vacant)

Research where grants may be available, contact relevant organisations to request grants and prepare and submit grant applications.

Fundraising team (vacant)

Arrange and organise fundraising events.

Parent section representative (vacancies)

Parent representative of each section to give feedback and other communications between Scout Group and Parents.

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